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Do The Unthinkable by Muscle Food Review

Are you ready to make sustainable, long-term changes to your health and achieve the body you have always dreamed of?

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Do The Unthinkable Review

I remember my first year of fitness. I must have tried dozens of different kinds of fitness programs, different diets and different workout programs, but for some reason, none of them really worked for me.

If there’s one thing I learned its this; when it comes to your long-standing health one factor will always override everything else – consistency.

It’s great to go to the gym and eat healthy, but to a certain extent, if you’re not constantly making progression, consistently making changes to your diet you will not see the progress you have been looking for.

Health and fitness can come down to a game of numbers. The amount of calories you eat and the minutes you spend in the day add up.

Maybe you’re a smart cookie and realized that you needed to have a complete workout program in order to make the correct strength progressions. If that’s the case, I have some questions for you.

  • Have you created your own program?
  • Are you recording your results?
  • Are you making changes to your program as you grow stronger?
  • What type of food are you eating?

Although these questions may seem a little overwhelming these are all things that you need to consider if you are going to make consistent progress in weight loss, strength and even fat loss

It’s all well and good to drop down to 20 pushups before bed, but making strength progressions can take much more effort and, more importantly – planning.

The Importance of Complete Nutrition and A Custom Workout Plan

Do The Unthinkable - Muscle Food UK

Every high-level athlete has a plan that is designed according to their goals. Of course, you may not be an Olympic level sprinter, but designing your program in a structured way can have substantial effects on the amount of time and effort it takes to fulfil your goal, right?

Think about it. If you’re in sales, and you have no sales targets – how do you measure your success?

In this same way, having goals that produce a plan and course of action both from a nutrition standpoint and a complete training program will ensure you are always on track to success.

One of the best things you can do to succeed in fitness is have a complete nutrition program.

Importance of Complete Nutrition

Most people overlook the benefits of having a complete nutrition plan. Truth be told, you can’t out-train your diet – no matter what workout program you are on.

It’s unfortunate, but If you’ve been stuck eating the takeaway meals from Tesco you may not be getting all the nutrients you need in order to grow stronger and lose weight.

For sure, eating a to-go chicken wrap from Tesco is better than going to the local Fried Chicken place, but you should ask yourself; are either of these truly the best options?

Complete nutrition is not just about eating food, complete nutrition is built to power your workouts. At the end of the day, your food will be the energy you use. Unhealthy food will lead to low energy and low performing workouts.

How Important Is Your Workout Plan?

Do you have big goals of benching your bodyweight, or maybe you just want to cut down 1 stone.

To be honest, anything related to the performance or body composition is work completed in the gym – but your program needs to be structured and created for success.

A complete workout plan provides actionable training, and above all, ensures you are preventing injury.

In some cases, you could be training your butt off, but if you push yourself too far you could fall into injury. Having a structured and progressive program will challenge you to the perfect level – allowing you to surpass your goals without becoming injured, or waiting 3 years for 10 pounds to come off.

Is it Time For A Change?

We understand apprehension – making changes to your life and routine can be a nervous moment. Ask yourself these questions to see if you are ready for a change.

Do you want to feel younger and more vibrant?

Exercise and proper nutrition can bring back your sense of vitality! It’s true, the more you train the more your body will start to enable greater energy transfer around your body! Plus, exercise releases endorphins that provides a happy and euphoric feeling.

Are you sick of feeling and looking overweight?

The human body was not meant to eat processed foods and be sedentary. Getting active and eating whole-foods can make massive changes to your weight and physique in just one week!

Do you want to be part of a new fitness movement?

Sometimes training on your own can be challenging – especially when you just starting out. Kickstart your fitness process with the new and highly successful Do The Unthinkable Program. This is the most complete food and fitness solution ever made.  

What is “Do The Unthinkable”?

After receiving thousands of questions about what food is best and what workouts are best for weight loss and general strength goals, the creators at MuscleFood decided to create a unique program built to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. 

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Complete guidance from fitness professionals and wholesome, unprocessed foods come delivered to your door to enable the greatest success with the least amount of work possible.

“Do The Unthinkable” Is The Most Complete Food And Fitness System Ever Developed!

What is Muscle Food?

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Muscle food is more than a company that supplies wholesome nutrition across the country. MuscleFood is a company that was developed in order to help athletes and the health-conscious reach and maintain their goals and ambitions.

The biggest difference that sets MuscleFood apart from other companies is the quality promise that they offer. Never frozen, always fresh and delivered to your door on time.

Added Bonus: MuscleFood meats are all sourced from reputable farms and provide both grass and grain fed beef, to get you the best taste, nutrition and value for your pound.   

Not interested in meats?MuscleFood also offers a complete range of products best suited to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Pick fo a wide selection of grains, snacks, and many more products that will fit the needs of your healthy lifestyle. 

Do The Unthinkable by MuscleFood Features & Benefits

Do The Unthinkable is the most complete food and fitness system ever to be available to people looking to make sustainable changes to their body and personal goals.

Gain your confidence back, increase vitality and achieve the physique you have always been dreaming about with the Do The Unthinkable program subscription.

Why You Should Join “Do The Unthinkable”?

Do The Unthinkable Food and Fitness Program by Muscle Food

The Meals Are Delivered Right to Your Door

Choose from a variety of meal options – either way, they are all delivered right to your door each week!

Never Get Bored

A massive inventory of food choices (over 65) ensures that you will never become bored of the clean and healthy food being delivered to your house.

Access To Qualified Professionals

Personal Trainers and Nutritionists are on standby to listen to your goals and help you to best achieve them through your custom fitness program and nutrition guide.

Have Anytime Access To Workout Programs

Trouble making fitness classes at your local gym? Our anytime access means you can train anytime you are available. Just select a workout from the library of training sessions selected by your personal qualified professionals.

Be Part Of A Growing Social Media Community

Develop long-standing relationships with people going down the same journey as you! Relate to the struggles and success, help each other grow and ensure greater results.

Receive A Free Recipe Cookbook

Trouble putting together the food you get in tasty meals? No worries, our program comes with a free recipe cookbook so that you can cook up the tastiest and most nutritious meals possible to fuel your awesome goals.

Grab A FREE Personal Workout Tracking Poster

Track all your progress, watch the weight fall of and the muscles come through with a personal workout tracking poster!

Check Out The Exclusive Unthinkable Lifestyle Series

Looking for some extra help? Look no further than the unthinkable lifestyle series to provide you with the guidance and individual touch on your goals and personal lifestyle.

What’s Inside Your Do The Unthinkable Box?  

What You Get

Do The Unthinkable is not just about losing weight and building muscle. At the end of the day, our goal is to install lifestyle habits.

Eating whole-foods, exercising regularly and living a more active lifestyle will ensure that you are making the progress that is needed to change your life.

The Unthinkable Program Will Give You:

1# Top Notch Programming

Access to a revolutionary food and fitness system that  has been endorsed by multiple British Olympians, NHS Doctors and celebrities – so you know it’s good stuff!

2# Anytime Access To A Library of Meals

Consistent and tasty library of meals delivered to your door that have earned a series of Great Taste Awards. Choose the ones you love and never get bored!

3# The Meals Are Ready Made

Food that comes in ready-made meals that can be easily cooked in 10 minutes or less (don’t forget the free cookbook!).

4# Access to an Amazing Support System

Professional support weekly from a qualified PT with 10 years of experience across 4 continents. Oh, don’t forget about exclusive access to social media support pages.

5# Loads of Free Content

Physical materials like cookbook, poster, and DVD guide to take with you anywhere you go and continue your quest for fitness.

6# Never Frozen Meats

Our meat is never frozen, always fresh and classically butchered on the day of dispatch. You’ll always get the freshest food possible!

7# A Life-Changing System

After years of dedicated service and thousands of questions, we have perfected a system that allows anyone to see amazing results that will transform your life.

Do The Unthinkable is approved by UK World Class AthletesChloe Longstaff lost 7 stoneJames Tilley transformed his body and his life completely with Do The Unthinkable

Do The Unthinkable, transform your body and life in just 90 days.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Do The Unthinkable offers a program like no other. Complete meal plans tailored to your needs, workout plans created for your goals and the promise of fresh food delivered to your door on time and never frozen – all for a great price!

Prices range from £60-£80 per week depending on the frequency of your meals.

Meals start as low as £1.88! That’s cheaper than a TESCO to-go meal!

This price INCLUDES the Do The Unthinkable Transformation program – with more than £300 of free offers like the complete workout system, meal plans, nutrition calendars, fitness trackers, exercise tutorials and much more.

How To Sign Up?

Are you readu to change your body and life?

Are you ready to make sustainable, long-term changes to your health and achieve the body you have always dreamed of?

Sign up to “Do The Unthinkable” by Muscle Food today!

Food will be delivered to your house in no time and a library of workout programs will be at your disposal 24 hours a day! 

Don’t wait, Take advantage of the most complete food and fitness system ever developed.