Top 21 Female Fitness Models on Instagram Who Will Inspire You to Train Harder in 2024

2020 means a chance to set new goals, learn new things, and work on being your best self. We love following fitness models because they provide inspiration and motivation.

Female fitness models, specifically, break stereotypes about women and resistance training and have had a great impact on the culture overall. If you’re looking to find the best of the best, we’ve put together a shortlist of the most popular, renowned, or noteworthy fitness models who will inspire and motivate you in 2020.

Stick with us if you’re ready to transform your IG feed for the new year and your new fitness goals!

Most Inspiring Female Fitness Models on Instagram

#1 Andreia Brazier

With a focus on healthy living, balance, and fantastic food inspiration, Andreia is a great model for building muscle and relying on strength training to build a commanding physique.

This is an example of the upper echelons of what is achievable, but her methods and advice are appropriate across the board – from total beginner to experienced physique enthusiast.

As a competitor in women’s physique, she is a great example of building significant muscle mass without worrying about becoming “bulky”. Unsurprisingly, she looks great and has a lifestyle that incorporates a wide variety of training ideas and activities.

If you’re looking for a great example of how to train or holistic benefits – from health to sculpting a strong and appealing physique – Andreia sets a great example.

#2 Anllela Sagra

Anlella Sagra has a slighter figure than you’ll find in women’s physique but provides a far more achievable physique for those who aren’t looking to build significant muscle. This is a contrast to the previous model, but these are about your own goals.

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ANLLELASAGRA.NET Photo @samuellathrop

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Everyone has their own goals and Anlella Sagra has been an inspirational physique for many women looking to achieve a healthy, lean lifestyle over the past few years.

She also seems to have inspired a huge amount of fake accounts pretending to be Anlella, so be careful to find the real woman behind the fitness! This is a problem that many people run into since social media is easily used for nefarious ends – especially with influencers who are paid for the attention they bring to a brand.

Always look out for verified accounts and legitimate users!

#3 Karina Elle

A gymshark athlete and hers cover model, Karina provides another fantastically-achievable and appealing physique for many female fitness enthusiasts. Another example of a different goal, but one that still inspires millions of women.

Her Instagram account provides a mixture of insights from training to adventures to yoga and stretching poses for suppleness. There’s a lot going on here but it provides insight into the variety that comes with being involved in fitness modelling at a professional level.

If you’re looking to get a view of the whole lifestyle – from travel to training – Karina is a great source of information on a positive outlook and lifestyle.

#4 Kelsey Wells

Specialising in low-impact and holistic fitness training, Kelsey Wells has a selection of studio-based workouts and exercises for you to try – or at least work towards.

Working with her own clients in post-natal fitness, we’re a big fan of the trend of empowering mothers and helping women regain a sense of control over their body at one of the tougher times in life!

Whether you fall into this post-natal fitness category or not, it’s hard to deny that the positivity and empowering attitude is great for us all. Whether you’re looking for healthy meals or snack ideas, you’re in the right place here.

#5 Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway is an OG fitness model with a pedigree in top-level modelling and fitness culture. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone with an interest in physique training or bodybuilding that doesn’t know her name and physique.

Paige has one of the most impressive model-size physiques with fantastic conditioning that comes from years of work in the industry and a well-balanced nutritional approach.

With a FitIn5 challenge that comes with real cash prizes, it’s also great to see how the people Paige works with progress over time and see real changes in their body and confidence.

#6 Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin has spent the last ten years between fitness model and lifestyle icon with features across a variety of magazines and fitness companies.

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Blonder than yesterday

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Working as everything from a cover model to a fitness model, Michelle’s physique has gone through a variety of changes, always offering an example of great health and balance. Nowadays you’ll find a great example of low-impact training and physique workouts on Michelle’s Instagram, between lifestyle and style-style posts!

#7 Jen Selter

With 12.6 million followers, Jen Selter is clearly one of the most important aspirational figures in the casual gym-goers’ fitness Instagram influence sphere.

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Meet me in the ring? ? @bebe_stores #ad #bebebabe

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With a selection of low-impact and studio workouts, as well as the obligatory holiday and gym-style photos, Jen has a variety of butt-related posts from exercise choices to partner workouts and core training.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already familiar with Jen Selter due to her huge social media presence and her role in the current fitness-culture environment. It’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t know about her!

#8 Valentina Lequeux

With a physique that focuses on conditioning and aesthetic appeal, Valentina has fantastic conditioning and is a great example of what can be achieved with a combination of strength training, dieting, and an active lifestyle.

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? @inline_photography || First of all thank you all for your feedback with my workouts on IG stories! If you haven’t checked, I have my last back day posted there!! Please stay tuned babes because this will be consistent! Today I’m sharing you shoulders and ABS!!! In a couple of hours I’ll be at the gym so don’t miss out! One of my main goals for 2018 is sharing more useful content with you babes! And I’m already working on that. So ask questions! Give me suggestions is all welcome babes! I know many of you try to send me DMs but I promise you I’m much more faster answering comments! And many times my answers can also help another babe reading! So please ask them here! And if a troll says something negative he will be blocked faster than you can imagine ? so don’t worry about being judged here! ANY question is valid no body was born with knowledge about this! We all start somewhere! I am not the biggest expert but I do take pride in what I know! And I don’t mind sharing it! I was a beginner a few years ago! I’ve been there! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #fitgirl #fitspiration #strongnotskinny #strongwomen #women #fitness #fitnessmotivation #glamour #beauty #motivation #fitspo #inspiration #positive #positivevibes #healthylifestyle #abs #shredded

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There are some great exercises on her Instagram page, too, that provide a great perspective on her training. These range from hamstring-burners like the Nordic curl to the pistol squat and even truck-pushes.

If you’re looking for a role model in the fitness field that is going to provide inspiration to try new things and integrate them into an all-round active lifestyle, Valentina is a great example.

#9 Emily Schromm

A qualified nutritionist, Emily Schromm injects some science into fitness, with discussions ranging from macronutrients to meal planning. We think this is fantastic: evidence-based fitness is the best way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Getting a better understanding of the science behind fitness allows you to better-adapt when life isn’t playing fair or bend the rules a little more responsibly when you feel like treating yourself!

She also discusses everyday problems like bloating and physique changes in a way that you might not be familiar with – providing a well-reasoned discussion of these real issues and how you can change your mindset around them while finding a way around the causes.

Keep your eyes peeled for those whiteboard videos!

#10 Jen Heward

Jen Heward is a great example of a woman who finds balance in fitness and life – with a mixture of combat sports, cardio training and healthy-eating inspired posts.

We love seeing Jen’s jiu-jitsu videos and other combat sports, but our favourite feature to date are the food posts that used to pop up every 3rd post or so. Jen makes fantastic looking food that doesn’t require sacrificing taste or presentation to achieve results!

If you’re looking for a mixture of different interests that show off the “warrior women” attitude, from food to exercise, Jen is a great example.

#11 Ainsley Rodriguez

With an approach to nutrition and hunger that is all about the experience and making positive lifestyle change, we like Ainsley’s message.

From smoothie recipes to client progress photos to some unique exercise choices, you’re going to find something interesting and positive in her posts. We’d love to see more people focusing on the process of losing weight – the healthy habits that make it possible – rather than just the weight.

If you’re interested in becoming the person you want to be rather than just focusing on the number on the scale, advice from people like Ainsley is a step in the right direction.

#12 Jenna Myers

If your idea of the dream life is travel, parties, great gymwear and perfecting the mirror selfie then Jenna Myers is going to be your role model.

With a classic fitness physique, a great taper, and a lifestyle that strikes a balance between fun and physique, Jenna Myers’ fitness journey is one a lot of late-teens/early-twenties could learn from.

Whether or not you make it a lifestyle and way of earning doesn’t matter: you’ll see balance and a specific lifestyle here that doesn’t mean spending your entire life in the gym or being unnecessarily restrictive.

#13 Tana Cogan

Once again, we’re back to antenatal and post-natal fitness: something you’ll see a lot of with Tana’s Instagram profile.

As an expecting mother and trainer, she provides an amazing inspiration to women of all ages and walks of life. With a focus on staying active and training effectively and safely during pregnancy, you can bet that there’s going to be some real value for anyone dealing with these changes.

With a convincing wonderwoman impression and a portfolio from fitness modelling to helping others with physique training, we’ve got a lot of love for Tana’s whole message and mission within the fitness space.

#14 Ana Delia

One of the most inspiring aspects of Ana Delia’s story is overcoming adversity. As an individual dealing with a variety of medical conditions – from IBS to endometriosis – her achievements are even more impressive for the added challenges.

Far from being a victim, her approach to fitness inspires the rest of us. With a focus on unilateral and rotational movements, her training videos provide fantastic inspiration for soe of the more overlooked aspects of core training for fitness and health.

If you’re looking for someone to inspire you with the way they deal with adversity and a combination of exercises that you should be doing more of, Ana Delia’s account has you covered!

#15 Amanda Lee

“ I feel like a positive mindset is really important, especially in fitness.” – Amanda Lee

We’re inclined to agree, which is one of the reasons why she’s on this list. A positive mindset and committed approach shine through in her posts and personal style of fitness.

With a selection of booty-specific exercises that incorporate circuits and bodyweight exercises, as well as resistance bands, bosu balls and a variety of other fitness equipment. This means it’s not all about weights – and not a treadmill post in sight!

Being voted in the top 15 most “bubblieicious butts on Instagram” doesn’t come easy – but whether you’re here to appreciate or aspire, Amandas profile is a great place to learn and set positive goals!

#16 Sami B

With certifications in personal training, a chartered nutritionist, and a really cute dog, Sami’s posts provide a wholesome approach to training with science and personality.

Sami provides a variety of great exercises focusing on unilateral training – asymmetrical exercises that improve core stability and co-ordination – as well as her own posts on motivation, mentality, and progression.

With plenty of client transformations, you’re also going to see inspiration and motivation whatever stage you’re at with your own journey. It’s great to see physiques like Sami’s that inspire us all, but it’s also great to see respect for the process that gets people there and the small celebrations along the way.

#17 Kayla Itsines

Kayla is one of the most insta-famous fitness personalities around – being a huge deal with the BBG (bikini body guide) and her in her own right.

Kayla’s entire approach discusses how to use low-intensity exercises combined with high-rep resistance training to change your physique. This is appealing to a lot of people and if you’re looking to lean down and focus on healthy living.

Pair this with great meal ideas and unerring positivity and yo’uve got a great place to look for a supportive and reassuring Instagram account for any female fitness enthusiast!

#18 Angelica Teixeira

Angelica Teixeira is the reigning Bikini Olympia champ, with an undeniable pedigree in competitive female physique training.

Whether you want to train towards the specific goal of competing in the sport of women’s bodybuilding or not, this amazing ability to build muscle and burn fat is a great place to seek guidance.

With abilities working at the extreme of what the body can achieve, these lessons are all transferable to the goals of “regular”, recreational women just looking to love their own bodies more.

Whether you want to get comp-ready or prefer the “off-season” look, Angelica’s amazing physique inspires us and we’re sure you’ll find yourself amazed and inspired by her dedication and competitive ‘package’.

#19 Anna Victoria

Anna’s physique is firmly based in balance and a lifestyle that isn’t too demanding of the high-level, goal-oriented training of women on the stage at competition. This is a very different set of goals to our last  inspiring woman, but they’re both valid and its about what you want from yourself!

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Let’s talk ABS ‼️ and what you need to do to get abs and SEE those abs. . Commonly asked question: Do you need to do ab exercises in order to get abs? The answer is no. You don’t NEED to do traditional ab focused workouts in order to get abs. If you know how to engage and use your core/abs properly during your strength workouts, you can build abs just by using and engaging your core during strength based moves alone . Aside from that, no matter how many traditional OR non-traditional ab workouts you do, whether you can see them or not depends on a few things. First is: genetics!! Do you have a naturally lean tummy? If so, A. Lucky you ? and B. you probably don’t need to do as much cardio in order to reveal those abs and you just need to focus on building core strength. (And eat properly to assist in building that muscle) . If you DON’T have a naturally lean tummy (like me) then that saying “abs are built in the gym and revealed in the kitchen” applies to you. Bummer, I know!! And in our case, often times belly fat is the last to go and the first to come back. It is what it is! ?‍♀️ The more you fight against it, the more you push back reaching your goals. So focusing on strength workouts, properly engaging your core, doing cardio (not more than strength training though) AND keeping your meals/macros in check is what needs to be at the top of your (fitness) priority list. . While as you girls know, I do not believe abs are everything, not one bit. But there also isn’t anything wrong with having physical goals *as long as you aren’t putting your mental and emotional health on the back burner* in order to achieve those goals. . This is just the surface of this week’s #fbgbodylove newsletter topic! I will be doing an insta live tomorrow at 8:30am PST to go over strengthening your core and more. Comment any questions you have on this topic below so I can answer them, and I’ll chat with you girls tomorrow morning!! ☺️? #fitbodyapp

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With a focus on yoga practice, resistance bands, and partner workouts, you’ll find that a lot of Anna Victoria’s posts are about getting the most out of yourself without too much equipment. She promotes resistance training – which we love – but not exclusively.

If you’re looking to find examples of workouts for when you’ve not got the luxury of the gym – or if you’re just dealing with Gymtimidation – then Anna has some great things to try!

#20 Lais DeLeon

Lais DeLeon is another example of an Instagram fitness character with plenty of interesting things to say about the use of resistance bands and exercise bands.

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Fitness was my gateway drug into Personal Development • I was unhappy with EVERY area of my life: my environment, relationships, work, finances, my emotional & physical health. I had no hobbies, ambitions, or sense of purpose. I was just moving through life aimlessly not sure what to do next. • Fitness taught me how to pick one small area that needs improvement, then study & learn everything I could about it to create a plan for action. It taught me patience. I learned the importance of consistency. How to set goals & take small steps towards progress over time. How to prioritize what's important and manage my time. • It's easy to dismiss fitness as unnecessary vanity. We can come up with a million excuses why we can't make it a priority and justify it with reasons why everything else in life is more important than "looks." • The truth is we could all benefit from improving EVERY area of our lives. You have to start somewhere. So why not start with your health & fitness? You can get another shot at a career, money comes & goes, your environment can change, relationships can be fixed (and btw, their success largely depends on your happiness with yourself.) ….but you only get ONE BODY. It's the only place you have to live! It's more than about "looks." It's about self-respect, feeling great, having energy, & being comfortable in your own body. What's more valuable than that? • It may start out being about looks but the lessons to be learned along the way are incredibly more valuable than the "look"… but by then, you'll have both! ? • ? @laisdeleonfitness • ?

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We’re a big fan of elastic resistance since it provides a variety of benefits along the whole range of motion and is great for improving control/connective tissue quality. These are great benefits because they keep you healthy and reduce injury risk while you train.

Lais also provides inspiration across the style continuum, from gym clothing to elaborate dress designs and everyday outfits. With a variety, you’ll easily be able to see the additional benefits of inspiration in lifestyle as well as fitness alone.

#21 Genevieve Ava

With interests from fashion to fitness to golf, Genevieve Ava’s profile reflects a variety of interests and moods. This is great for getting in touch with the personality behind the fitness – especially if you like seeing the lifestyle and interests that go into being a multi-milloion-follower fitness personality.

Focusing on exercise in the lateral plane and working with stability challenges, there’s a lot to see here. We’re especially fond of lateral and rotational exercises.

Sure, these are great for improving your golf-specific strength, but they provide a fantastic way of boosting your core stability in a way that many of us don’t train enough. If you’re going to be inspired to workout harder in 2020, it makes sense to change towards new and different exercises.

Final Words

We’re impressed by the variety seen in these models: their backgrounds, approach, and reason for being popular can vary widely but the motivational factor is always there.

These women provide examples of what can be achieved for those who are willing to work hard and dedicate themselves to incremental lifestyle change. They’re real women with real physiques who have earned reputation with dedication not the process and an understanding of what you’re here to see.

We recommend checking through and following anyone whose interests and approach is similar to yours – or who is already doing the things you’d like to do with your own fitness journey!