HyperGH 14x Review: Bodybuilding Results & Side Effects

Review of HyperGH 14x
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HyperGH 14x

Available in spray or tablet form, HyperGH 14x uses all-natural ingredients to increase your body’s HGH production. This highly effective formula only uses ingredients backed by scientific research. If you’re ready to enhance your workouts while packing on muscle and stripping away body fat, HyperGH 14x would be an excellent addition to your regimen.

The creators of HyperGH 14x have made a product that allows you to obtain substantial muscle gains using all-natural compounds. HyperGH 14x uses potent ingredients to stimulate your body’s natural HGH, enabling you to get the most out of every workout. 

When it comes to packing on muscle at the gym, many of us are at a loss. You religiously follow your workout routine only to achieve subpar results. 

You’ve probably wondered what was the secret of the shredded guys with incredible muscle mass in your gym or gracing magazine covers. Believe it or not, many of them use synthetic HGH to pack on the muscle. 

As effective synthetic HGH is, it is illegal and may cause irreparable damage to your body. 

With HyperGH 14x, you can get all the benefits of synthetic HGH from natural ingredients. This product jumpstarts your body’s natural HGH production. We’ll take a closer look at this HGH formula in our HyperGH 14x review. 

Things to Consider Before Buying an HGH Supplement

Before getting started with an HGH supplement, it’s essential to understand whether this is the right supplement for your fitness regimen. 

1.  Do you work out consistently?

While HyperGH 14x is a highly effective HGH supplement, you have to spend time in the gym to see results. Bodybuilding requires a consistent routine over months and years. Taking hyperGH 14x bodybuilding without a dedicated lifting routine will lead to disappointing results. 

2. Do you eat a healthy diet? 

Before you start supplementing with HyperGH 14x, take some time to review your diet. The food you put into your body significantly impacts your workout results and body composition. Supplements enhance your good habits. If you’re eating fatty foods and drinking sugary beverages, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to achieve the results you desire. 

3. Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Lack of sleep negatively impacts your body’s growth hormone production. If your goal is to increase muscle mass, you must get a full night’s sleep. HGH plays a significant role in your muscle’s recovery and growth.

 Your body releases HGH while you’re sleeping, which helps in muscle repair. Without adequate sleep, your body can’t perform this vital function. 

4. Can You Track Your Training Results? 

If you don’t keep a record of your training, it’ll be difficult to notice your progress. A great way to motivate yourself is to use an app or notebook to track your weight training progress. 

Features and Benefits

Ingredients are what make a supplement great, and HyperGH 14x contains ingredients designed to maximize your body’s HGH levels. These ingredients are 100% natural and formulated to promote muscle growth. 


Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that arginine can triple HGH levels, including into old age. It also aids your body’s production of nitric oxide, leading to bigger and stronger muscles.  


Studies show that when combined with arginine, lysine is much more useful than when taken alone. Together they support immune health and HGH production. 


Used by the thyroid gland to produce Thyroxine, an essential hormone that regulates the body’s metabolism decreases depression and reduces fatigue. 


One of the key stimulatory agents that provokes the pituitary gland to increase its secretion of growth hormones. 


Your body uses this amino acid when you’re stressed out. Glutamine decreases stress, conserves muscle, and raises metabolism while increasing energy and alertness. 


This branch-chained amino acid is found mainly in the muscles and is similar to arginine. The body can’t make this amino acid, so you must get it from food or supplementation. Your body uses it as an energy source, and it’s needed for HGH secretion and transfer. 


It helps increase your lean muscle mass, and multiple studies show it can triple the body’s levels or production of HGH. It works exceptionally well with lysine, arginine, and glutamine. 

GTF Chromium

Enhances insulin activity by transporting by helping the body maintain glucose levels. Lowering your glucose levels can help your body produce HGH. It enables you to maintain a healthy weight, metabolism, reduces body fat, and increases energy. 

Pituitary (Anterior) Powder

A powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system encourages your pituitary gland to operate more effectively and increases the release of HGH. 


Although found in our diets, many people don’t get enough purified lecithin extract. It helps facilitate the body’s absorption of nutrients, including HyperGH 14x.


A neurotransmitter that is most active while you’re sleeping, GABA is a powerful amino acid that stimulates the body’s HGH production. Workouts put your body’s immune system under a lot of stress, and gamma strengthens immune system function. 


Increases protein synthesis and aids the body’s production, accelerates healing, increases immunity, bone, and lean muscle mass. 

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Increases the body’s production of DHEA that substantially increases arginine’s effectiveness. It also reportedly improves sexual health and boosts immunity.   

Deer Antler Velvet

It contains growth hormones, including insulin-like growth factor I, which the liver produces in response to growth hormone stimulation. This supplement reduces post-workout fatigue, increases muscle mass and muscle strength. 

Astragalus Root Extract

This natural herb enhances digestion and metabolism. It also reduces fatigue, strengthens immune function, and helps users recover from injuries more quickly. 

Side Effects

You should consult your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen. Your doctor can tell you whether any of your current medications may have an interaction with HyperGH 14X. 

There are no known HyperGH 14X side effects. Since it’s a carefully formulated all-natural product, it’s unlikely you will experience any adverse side effects.

You should carefully follow all included instructions to ensure you have the best experience while using HyperGH 14X. 


The recommended dosage is four capsules taken daily to maximize HGH production. You should take two capsules in the morning to help you get the most out of your workout. Take two more capsules before going to bed at night. 

If you’re using the spray, the recommended dosage is two sprays orally in the morning and two sprays at night. To allow your body to adjust to the supplement, you can cut the dosage in half. 

No one under 18 years old should use this product without a doctor’s supervision. 

Results & User Reviews

I scoured the internet and found some user reviews that seemed rather positive. HyperGH 14X customers boast impressive results after just a few weeks of using the supplement and following a workout regimen designed to increase muscle mass. 

Here are just a few comments from HyperGH 14X customers around the web. 


If HyperGH 14X doesn’t seem to have what you’re looking for, you may want to consider these alternatives. 

For a full list check out our best HGH supplements page. 

HGH X2 by Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk’s HGH X2 is a natural supplement that stimulates the pituitary gland, helping release HGH into your body. HGH X2 helps your body burn fat, increase lean muscle mass, and reduces recovery time; its ingredients are what set it apart from HyperGH 14X.

This product contains potent ingredients, including: 

  • Maca root,
  • Pentanoic acid
  • Mucuna pruriens 
  • Hawthorn berry extract

 You get all of this at a price that’s more affordable than HyperGH 14X. If you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workouts, check out Crazy Bulk’s HGH X2.


We’ve covered a lot of information in this review. In case you still have questions about HyperGH 14X, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about this supplement. 

1. What does HyperGH 14X do?

HyperGH 14X is a dietary supplement made from high-quality ingredients designed to stimulate your body’s growth hormone production. When combined with a weight training program, It promotes lean body mass, fat loss and reduces workout recovery time. 

2. How does HyperGH 14X help me increase my lean body mass?

By enhancing your body’s HGH production, HyperGH 14X  helps you pack on the muscle when combined with a consistent exercise program. 

3. Do I need to see my doctor before using HyperGH 14X?

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to use HyperGH 14X because its ingredients are 100% natural. However, you should consider seeing your doctor before embarking on any exercise or supplementation program. 

Final Thoughts

HGH supplementation is an effective way to increase your gains in the gym. HyperGH 14X allows you to maximize your body’s HGH production, which will help you increase your lean body mass, lose fat, and reduce recovery time. 

With HyperGH 14X, you are getting an all-natural formulation with ingredients proven to work. HyperGH 14X comes with a 60-day risk-free guarantee, allowing you to return the product if you’re not completely satisfied. 

If you’re ready to maximize your workouts and pack on the muscle, HyperGH 14X is worth your serious consideration.