The Best Power Towers For Effective Full-body Workouts In 2020

Any seasoned calisthenic athlete will tell you that pull ups and dips don’t stop just because you’re not at the gym or a workout park. Use the best power tower machines to develop your strength in the comfort of your home.

A commercial-grade power tower provides all athletes from beginner exerciser to advanced calisthenics athlete with a device that is versatile, strong and progressive. 

Power towers are not just a device that will sit idle in your garage.

Perform chin-ups, dips, squats, and many more exercises using the best power tower. Backed up hundreds of online reviews, these power towers offer versatility, portability and convenience to your workout routine.

Power Tower Workout & Buyer Guide

What Is A Power Tower?

Well, it’s not a giant battery (if that’s what you thought) – actually, a power tower is a blanket term for any piece of equipment that combines a pull-up bar and dip station into vertical alignment.

It sounds complicated but here is an image to help you understand what we mean.

Just because the power station has a pull-up and dip bar does not mean that these are the only exercises you can complete on a power station.

In fact, with a little creativity, we can create an assortment of exercises and workouts to build strength, develop the core, burn body fat and improve your overall wellbeing.

Not all power stations are made the same.

Be sure to grab yourself a high-end, sturdy power tower that will last you years.

How To Use a Power Tower

A power tower is an all-in-one machine that can be adapted to suit goals surrounding strength, weight loss and general well-being.

Here are three ways you can create power tower workouts to fit your specific goals:

Goal #1: Strength

Build power and strength by using supersets and cluster sets.

You may have seen some guys at the gym moving from one exercise to another in succession – this is a superset.

Supersets are one of the best ways to build strength, and a high-end power tower provides you with real-estate to complete supersets safely.

TOP TIP: Start with a more difficult (and generally more muscle recruiting exercise) first and then move to an easier exercise stimulating the same muscle fibre.

Although a little more complex to get right, cluster sets are a very effective way to build strength while only completing 3-4 basic exercises.

Also known as rest-pause training, the idea here is to train at a sub-max weight – or a weight you could move 5-6 reps within a set – cut it in half and perform clusters of this weight with 5-10 seconds rest between sets.

Confused? Checkout this video.

Goal #2: Fat Loss

Those who are trying to lose weight can use power tower workouts in conjunction with HIIT sessions and calisthenics.

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a form of training where you perform multiple exercises in a row with minimal rest between each exercise.

Try to move from push to pull movements sequentially – and if possible, use the biggest exercises first and simple exercises towards the end of your set.

Although calisthenics is not generally considered to be a strict fat-loss type of training, it is a great way to develop relative strength – which requires optimal body composition.

Goal #3: Improve Wellbeing

In an age where everyone is concerned with how they look, prioritizing your wellbeing falls off the radar.

Simple movements like hanging from your power station in the morning can help to open up the shoulder blades and promote strength and mobility.

Don’t forget about the little things.

Now that you know you can get in a complete workout on a tower let’s dive into some of the best exercises you can use to achieve your goals.

How to Choose the Best Power Tower

Finding the right power tower can be a daunting task. With a variety of choices – like functionality over strength or stability over cost – how do you know which one is best for you?

Here is a simple way to make the right power tower purchase:

1. Create a Budget

How much money are you willing to spend? If money is no outcome, be sure to grab a power tower that provides you with paramount abilities – like the Titan Heavy Duty Tower.

If cost is a concern and you want a basic tower to help you build strength in the comfort of your home, the Stamina 1690 could be a better choice.

2. Identify Desired Use

Looking for a power tower that can be used in your home gym for a simple morning routine? Maybe you are a personal trainer and are trying to build a more comfortable and versatile set-up at a low cost.

Identifying your needs is crucial to determine which product is best for you. Here is a breakdown of the best products for specific uses:

Bodybuilding: The Titan Heavy Duty Power Tower offers the most variety of possibilities for exercises and can be bolted into the ground for stability.

Weight Loss: Although many of the power towers feature the same design, the addition of an exercise chart and workout programs with the Bowflex Power Body device gives you the best possible avenue for success when trying to lose weight.

Honourable Mention: KiNGKANG has built a complete at-home training device for bodyweight exercises and barbell set-up. Those looking for a unique choice, and are willing to compromise on ergonomics may find the best device here.

Summary & Key Power Tower Advice

A power tower is a great device for pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, push-ups, squatting exercises, core exercises and many more.

While it may offer some difficulties for taller athletes, many power towers provide such a wide range of movements in a limited space it is difficult to fault having one in your home.

Whether you work at home and just want something to keep you active during a slow day, or you are looking for a new device to compliment your existing home gym, a power tower has it all.

Find a product that sits in your budget, use a workout guide built by qualified trainers and stay motivated to accomplish your goals and a power station is the only workout device you will need.

Power Tower Advice:

  • To ensure good quality and stability – look for heavy-duty metal construction and commercial-grade materials
  • Find a device that offers a wide variety of pull-up and chin-up grips so that you can build your body through progressive strength training
  • Soft, comfortable hand grips are always a welcome comfort when using a power tower for long periods of time
  • Look for quality assurance with products that offer frame warranties
  • Easy assembly means you can get started on your workout the day it is delivered to you without the hassle of fighting a product during construction
  • Compact design means you can use the device in smaller areas like living rooms or condo buildings.

Each product listed in this guide has been studied extensively and will work in different ways to help you train effectively and safely.

Interested in How to Create a Power Tower Workout?

Build Strength Today – Check out our Power Tower Workout Guide 

FAQ Section

How Can I Create a Workout on a Power Tower?

A beginner-level workout routine features simple, compound movements to build strength. You should start with big movements to prep the body for your pull ups and dips. You can find more workouts here.

Bodyweight Squat163212190
Neutral Grip Pull-up6310102m
Bodyweight Chest Dip6310102m
Vertical Knee Raise Hold35s3n/a2m
*RBS = Rest Between Sets

What is the Best Cheap Power Tower?

The Stamina 1690 is one of the highest-rated and most reviewed power towers that comes in at an economic price. This product does not sacrifice build quality or functionality but lacks some of the comforts of other towers like comfort hand grips and tall pull-up grips.

What Power Tower has a Heavy Duty Pull-up & Dip Station?

Pull ups and dips are probably the reason you are shopping for a power tower – and when it comes to building strength you always want to make sure you have a variety of stable holds to use. We recommend using either the Titan Heavy Duty Power Tower or the Bowflex Body Tower for the optimal dip and pull-up strength development.